BONUSROUND004, Gets a good review in THE WIRE Magazine

Ben Pest

Gliteratti Fashionista EP

Bonus Round 12”

Half of The Black E and a quarter of Ninjatune's skronk-funk collective Pest, Ben Mallot's solo techno work seems designed to prove that digital doesn't need to mean clean.

In “Jumpadelic” a hammering Bassline House beat rebuilt from first principles from old Relief rhythms and a discarded Grime bass-tone pins you to the spot while self-replicating acid gargoyles with god-knows-what crusted round their mouth yammer gibberish in either ear.

“There's A Party Inside My Mouth” cuts it up for breakdancers to spin on a layer of fag-butts and chewing gum, while during “Tiny Beginnings” the whole club discovers that dancefloor gunk has transformed into a rising tide of deep, black marshmallowy gloop, but keeps moving nonetheless.

Luke's Anger's fast-edit remix of “Now Panic” is the smart kid at the rave, still mangled but with a sardonic smirk, miraculously keeping its trainers clean in the chaos.