Luke's Anger - 'Live Wrong and Prosper'


Luke's Anger - 'Live Wrong And Prosper' - pre-order and preview!

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Free Luke's Anger EP for download!

Luke's Anger - Gift Horse EP

A FREE 4-track EP available to download exclusively from


1. Elektron Trax2

2. x0x Swamp

3. Gone Phishing

4. Hackney Warehouse '98

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Molotov is on a distinguished road
[bonusround006d] Paul Birken - 'Another One Fights The Rust'

BONUSROUND006D – Paul Birken - “Another One Fights The Rust”
Release date: September 20th 2009
Genre: Techno
Format: MP3, WAV

Paul Birken keeps the bonus ball bouncing with 4 tracks of low-slung, dirty gutter funk - an art he has been perfecting for 25 years..
The Bonus Round family have been huge fans of Paul’s ever since hearing the Surfin Superior and Speaker Freakin’ records in the 90’s, and after his absolutely devastating rework of Luke’s Anger’s ‘Working Overtime’ (bonusround005), it is with great pleasure to introduce a 4 track EP by the underground innovator –

1. ‘That Which My Shovel Finds’ – Kicks off the E.P with a butt-clenching ride to the mothership! Off-beat organ stabs combine with crunchy tin-can drums to provide the backbone of this funk monster, all hell breaks loose as the alien orkestra beam down and jam out on their laser-kazoos and photon guitars!

2. “No Mo C64” – ‘An ode to my good ol' Commodore 64.. We don't need no mo. Comma 8 comma 1 load.’
Set your freak-phasers to stun, this is rolling late-night discotech!

3. “Doormat” – wiping it’s feet of all the boring tech-clones that plague our existence, this acid techno how we like it- RAW, live, and direct to your sensory systems.

4. “Shrug It Off” – Bubbling, groaning and screeching analogue synths controlled by alien octopus technology, this is not for the faint-hearted and comes with a recommendation to be aired in cavernous, neon-lit warehouses.

+++++++++++Forthcoming Bonus Round E.P’s T.B.A from artists such as Al Tourettes, Kid606, Ben Pest, Luke’s Anger, Jerome Hill, Spewis and more!+++++++++++

Bonusround005 review from IDJ mag

Apart from them mis-reading Michael Forshaw as 'For Shawm' (?!) It's a good review from a commercial magazine!

[bonusround005] Luke's Anger - Working Overtime EP w/Forshaw & Birken remixes

Next Bonus Round is coming and it's a banger:


Luke's Anger - Working Overtime EP

A1. Luke's Anger - Working Overtime
A2. Michael Forshaw Remix
B1. Paul Birken Remix
B2. Dzaxy Remix

Available on limited 12" and MP3/WAV


A1 - Luke's Anger original
A2 - Michael Forshaw remix
B1 - Paul Birken remix
B2 - Dzaxy remix

Artwork to follow..

BONUSROUND004, Gets a good review in THE WIRE Magazine

Ben Pest

Gliteratti Fashionista EP

Bonus Round 12”

Half of The Black E and a quarter of Ninjatune's skronk-funk collective Pest, Ben Mallot's solo techno work seems designed to prove that digital doesn't need to mean clean.

In “Jumpadelic” a hammering Bassline House beat rebuilt from first principles from old Relief rhythms and a discarded Grime bass-tone pins you to the spot while self-replicating acid gargoyles with god-knows-what crusted round their mouth yammer gibberish in either ear.

“There's A Party Inside My Mouth” cuts it up for breakdancers to spin on a layer of fag-butts and chewing gum, while during “Tiny Beginnings” the whole club discovers that dancefloor gunk has transformed into a rising tide of deep, black marshmallowy gloop, but keeps moving nonetheless.

Luke's Anger's fast-edit remix of “Now Panic” is the smart kid at the rave, still mangled but with a sardonic smirk, miraculously keeping its trainers clean in the chaos.

here's the radio link from 8pm

Luke's Anger on Partyvibe internet radio 10/02/09

I've been asked to play some records on Partyvibe radio tonight.

the show starts at 8pm,

DJ Swervert and guests are also playing

[[[[[Tune in tonight]]]]]

Ben Pest EP in stores now!!!

Bonusround004 'Glitterati Fashionista' by Ben Pest,

is out now and sounding GREAT!

get it from the usual outlets like JUNO

...Digital release will follow....PEST, Ben - Glitterati Fashionista EP (Front Cover)
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Bleep Radio 143: Luke's Anger [machinedrum set]

Bleep Radio 143: Luke's Anger

Luke passed me this recording of his a few weeks back. It's a recording of him playing live. The twist is that it's his first attempt at playing live off of the Machinedrum UW solely.

"quite happy with some parts of it, a few of the loops and transitions are a bit ropey but it's nice
to bang a box once in a while!"

Yes Luke, we all enjoy banging a box once in a while.

I hope you all enjoy this mix of Luke's as much as I did. It flows a lot differently than his stuff usually does due to the new way of putting it together for him. It's like hearing all your favorite Luke's Anger tracks remixed and recombined in a new way with some surprises along the way.

download the liveset

Luke's Anger CD/DIGI Album - "Funk of the Rural Neverness" - out now on Tigerbass records

Review taken from Boomkat

"Luke Sanger arrived at the world of electronic music in 1995, experimenting with DJing having made his way toward an Amiga and some tracker software at an early age.

Since then he's released a series of dancefloor terrorising 12"s on imprints like Don't Recordings and Tigerbass, and this CD collects many of these works, sequencing them into 12-tracks on a convenient one-stop digital format.

Expect tracks with titles like 'Do Yo Ass' and preposterous Sinden-esque emissions like '24hr Freshness', or the hiccuping-hard-drive ghetto house of 'Get My Drink'. Massive bass damage is incurred on the likes of 'Dirty On The Floor', whose kick sounds come complete with that 'destroyed woofer' effect, all piled on top of faintly obscene sample snippets and the odd moment of outrageous DSP sabotage.

Plenty of fun to be had here..."

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