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[bonusround006d] Paul Birken - 'Another One Fights The Rust'

BONUSROUND006D – Paul Birken - “Another One Fights The Rust”
Release date: September 20th 2009
Genre: Techno
Format: MP3, WAV

Paul Birken keeps the bonus ball bouncing with 4 tracks of low-slung, dirty gutter funk - an art he has been perfecting for 25 years..
The Bonus Round family have been huge fans of Paul’s ever since hearing the Surfin Superior and Speaker Freakin’ records in the 90’s, and after his absolutely devastating rework of Luke’s Anger’s ‘Working Overtime’ (bonusround005), it is with great pleasure to introduce a 4 track EP by the underground innovator –

1. ‘That Which My Shovel Finds’ – Kicks off the E.P with a butt-clenching ride to the mothership! Off-beat organ stabs combine with crunchy tin-can drums to provide the backbone of this funk monster, all hell breaks loose as the alien orkestra beam down and jam out on their laser-kazoos and photon guitars!

2. “No Mo C64” – ‘An ode to my good ol' Commodore 64.. We don't need no mo. Comma 8 comma 1 load.’
Set your freak-phasers to stun, this is rolling late-night discotech!

3. “Doormat” – wiping it’s feet of all the boring tech-clones that plague our existence, this acid techno how we like it- RAW, live, and direct to your sensory systems.

4. “Shrug It Off” – Bubbling, groaning and screeching analogue synths controlled by alien octopus technology, this is not for the faint-hearted and comes with a recommendation to be aired in cavernous, neon-lit warehouses.

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