Bleep Radio 143: Luke's Anger [machinedrum set]

Bleep Radio 143: Luke's Anger

Luke passed me this recording of his a few weeks back. It's a recording of him playing live. The twist is that it's his first attempt at playing live off of the Machinedrum UW solely.

"quite happy with some parts of it, a few of the loops and transitions are a bit ropey but it's nice
to bang a box once in a while!"

Yes Luke, we all enjoy banging a box once in a while.

I hope you all enjoy this mix of Luke's as much as I did. It flows a lot differently than his stuff usually does due to the new way of putting it together for him. It's like hearing all your favorite Luke's Anger tracks remixed and recombined in a new way with some surprises along the way.

download the liveset