Bonus Round is back, the "Glitterati Fashionista EP" by Ben Pest unloads 4 original genre-bending tracks that contain elements of Techno and P-Funk, all ready to cause ruin to the discotheque!

"Jumpadelic" is a heavy Chicago influenced, gangster-funk workout. The tune has been causing a stir as part of Ben's live set with a vocal hook that gets everyone jacking! "There's a Party Inside My Mouth" is a hard and crunchy electro-funk track with some wobbly synths that will warp minds. Luke's Anger checks in with a futuristic re-work of "Now Panic" adding some spookiness to the twisted original. "Tiny Beginnings" rounds off the EP with a slower tempo and more funk-laden grooves, lots of cheeky sounds keep the mind hooked while the ass follows ;)